Laser Profiler

Description of Process
The Laser Profiler system provides computer generated pipe profile data. The Laser Profiler assesses the condition of a pipe by measuring the internal diameter, ovality (roundness) and capacity of a length of pipeline.

The Laser Profiler is an attachment to Kembla’s CCTV cameras. Field video footage is captured by the cameras and then computer analysed to produce the end user with conditional reports. The Laser Profiler process in summary is:

  • A ring of laser light is projected onto the internal pipe surface
  • Laser image is captured by CCTV whilst camera moves through the pipe
  • Analysis is performed on the ring of light using specialised software to build a digital pipe profile.

Typical Applications
Laser Profiler can be used in the following applications:

  • Determining internal cross-sectional area of a pipe. This could be used to analyse:
    • Capacity loss due to deformation
    • Capacity loss due to corrosion
    • Quality assurance of new applications
    • Post pipeline rehabilitation assessment
  • Quantifying defects, holes, and other imperfections on existing and new assets
  • Measuring pipe diameter

Available Sizes
100mm to 600mm

Example of Laser Profiler Report